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Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly, or Monthly

All standard pay frequencies can be accommodated. Assistance and advice can also be given to companies wishing to change their pay frequency to help reduce costs. Data will need to be supplied to ourselves by a pre-specified cut-off. Every effort is made to accommodate your own existing forms, though we are able to supply standard payroll forms if required. Processing will then follow, and the payroll output supplied to your specification.

Cash, Cheque, or Bacs

Payrolls requiring cash or cheque payments to employees will be supplied with reports detailing the payments required. The same routine will be used for bacs payments originated by the employer. For an extra charge, we can accommodate bacs payments direct into your employees bank accounts. This option will require the up front payment of the gross value of the payroll run, so that the bacs payments can be made via your cleared funds.

Payslips and Reports

Payslips will be produced for each pay period, and these will be supplied with envelopes. The envelopes will be left unsealed if cheques or cash are to be included. Output reporting can be specified at the beginning, though additional reports can be produced at a later date if required. Exporting in Microsoft Excel can be accommodated, and bespoke Excel reports can be written if required.

How to Pay HMRC Electronically

Payments from employers who pay electronically must reach the HMRC bank account and clear no later than the 22nd of the month.  Where the 22nd falls on a weekend or is a bank holiday, HMRC must receive cleared funds no later than the last bank working day before the 22nd.

Bank Account Details (HMRC) for making a direct payment

If you pay SHIPLEY:
Sort Code           08 32 10
Account Number  12001020
Account Name     HMRC or AO Shipley
Sort Code           08 32 10
Account Number  12001039
Account Name     HMRC or AO Cumbernauld
Please quote your accounts office reference number when making payment, e.g. 456AB00123789.
Online Filing
End of Year - We have been registered with the government gateway since the inception of online filing, and we have successfully filed end of year returns since the 2003/2004 tax year.  This includes the end of year summary form P35, and the individual employee form P14.  It is now mandatory for all employers (barring exceptional categories) to file the end of year documents online.
In Year - From April 2011 it will be mandatory for all in-year forms (P45/P46) to be filed on-line.  We have been successfully filing in-year forms since the 2006/2007 tax year.
PAYE Late Payment Penalties
HMRC have introduced late payment penalties for overdue sums of PAYE/National Insurance.  These rules apply from May 2010.  Please refer to for full details.
Disaster Recovery and Back-up Procedures

The outsourcing of the payroll function immediately provides an increased level of security, as the confidential records are kept off-site, and away from employee eyes. Our payroll software prompts on every exit for a fresh back-up, and secondary copies are created and stored. Paper records and reports gathered over the period of each tax year are achived off-site for at least the duration of the legal retention requirements.